Yearly Archives: 2020

31 12, 2020

Study adapting HIV/AIDS behavioral interventions to mitigate COVID-19


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign social work professor Liliane Windsor is a co-principal investigator on a study exploring the use of HIV/AIDS interventions in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 among marginalized and hard-to-reach populations in Newark, New Jersey. The research is funded by a $1.6 million grant from the National Institute on Minority Health and Health […]

7 04, 2020

2 ministers ask the state to help: In the midst of a pandemic, these people have no food, shelter or health care


Reverends Steffie Bartley and Bolivar Flores seek the State of New Jersey’s help to shelter individuals who are released from county correctional center and state prisons. After release these vulnerable individuals are facing homelessness along with no access to food and healthcare.