6 02, 2019

Re-entry Project


The Reentry Project was a collaborative news initiative about the challenges of —- and solutions to -— prisoner reentry in Philadelphia, reporting from November, 2016 through March, 2018.

This site represents an unprecedented collaboration among 15 of the city’s general interest newsrooms and community and ethnic media organizations that came together to reveal and investigate credible responses […]

18 12, 2018

NJ.COM Black people in N.J. say they’re more likely to be punched, kicked by cops. Now, data backs that up.


21 10, 2018

New Jersey Expungement Center


Expungement law in New Jersey has changed! Laws enacted in December 2017 enable expungement of a various arrests and convictions that previously could not be expunged. These laws took effect on October 1, 2018. Here are some highlights of the new law:

  • The waiting period before a criminal conviction can be expunged is now lowered […]
28 09, 2018

Bail Project


Hey there,

Criminal justice reform can sometimes seem unapproachably complicated. But when it comes to how cash bail fuels mass incarceration, the story is rather simple.

Unaffordable cash bail is the single most preventable driver of mass incarceration in the United States, accounting for all jail growth in the past 20 years and exacerbating racial disparities in every corner of […]

2 09, 2017


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28 07, 2017

Ahead: An Innovative Concept and In-Depth Magazine Focusing on Social Work Research


22 07, 2017

From the Destruction of Riots Came Black Leadership in Newark


20 07, 2017

Community Wise


18 07, 2017

Ability to vote compromised for thousands behind bars


14 02, 2017

Scholars Behind Bars


Notes from the Field

a one-woman show written and performed by Anna Deavere Smith and directed by Leonard Foglia
Second Stage Theatre’s Tony Kiser Theatre, New York City, November 2–December 18, 2016
Anna Deavere Smith in [...]
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