Rogério M. Pinto, Assoc Prof of Social Work, U-M; Liliane Windsor, Asst Prof of Social Work, U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Warren Thompson, Pgm Director, Urban Renewal Community Corrections; Eric Anderson, Newark Community Collaborative Board

Burkle Painting
Join the SSW Faculty Allies for Diversity Committee to celebrate Community Wise, an intervention to reduce substance use for those with histories of incarceration. Community Wise employs Paulo Freire’s critical consciousness theory; inspired by pictographs Freire used to engage his research participants. PLEASE RSVP; LINK BELOW under “Web and Social.”

Community Wise has commissioned six paintings by artist Christopher A. Burkle that will stimulate a discussion on how we can all develop anti-oppressive thinking and action. The “fishbowl” invites the audience to both listen and contribute to a focused discussion. The presenters will role-play an actual session of Community Wise, showing how to use paintings with critical consciousness to inspire dialogue about oppression. Guests will listen to the process and to the ideas presented. They will then have the opportunity to ask questions, make observations, and learn more about Community Wise.