Do you provide health or reentry services in New Jersey?

Have you struggled with a substance use disorder?

Are you living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C? If not, are you at risk for or living with HIV or Hepatitis C?

Do you have a history of incarceration?

Are you conducting research or do you wish to conduct research in any of the above fields?

Are you a concerned stakeholder, a community resident, or a government representative?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and you are interested in doing CBPR in New Jersey, you may be eligible to become a NCCB member or you may benefit from some of our trainings and services. We encourage you to read our pages outlining the theory, principles, methods and goals of CBPR. If CBPR is of interest to you and you are willing to adhere to CBPR principles, we can help you in one of three ways: Choose the avenues that best suit your needs below.

Critical consciousness and CBPR training for researchers and administrators

We can provide training in CBPR tailored to your needs, for a reasonable fee. Just e-mail a one-page summary of your project to , along with a statement of how you would like us to help you achieve your goals.

New Jersey network for CBPR

We can help link individuals and organizations to work together in New Jersey to improve the conditions in their communities. Just e-mail and let us know what kind of partners you need.

Community Wise training for researchers and service providers

Do you need personalized assistance with implementing our manualized intervention with your clients? Are you interested in evaluating Community Wise? Please e-mail with your request and we can assist you for a reasonable fee.

Program evaluation for community based organizations

Do you need a reliable and qualified evaluator who can evaluate your program using a CBPR framework? Send us an e-mail request.

Other ways to get involved

Download and complete our application here. Email the completed application with a copy of your CV/resume to
Just e-mail a one-page summary of your project plan and your request.
Please do not hesitate to contact Liliane Cambraia Windsor, NCCB Chair at

Why choose us?

  • We have been successfully collaborating and operating in Newark for the past 6 years
  • We represent a group of respected organizations, working together to improve community health in Newark
  • You can take advantage of an existing infrastructure with a great deal of capacity in multiple areas
  • We are the developers of Community Wise jelly kamagra and have had experience implementing it in Newark, NJ